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slika kvarteta Pella

Photo: Milan Dimkaroski.


Macedonian culture association »Pella« laid’s strong culture dialog in European space in music, literature, dance and art aria, was create in 2005. The group motto is Art Bridge between Slovenia, Macedonia and Europe. Archaic songs link old times with the new. We are a vocal ensemble proudly named after the third capital city of ancient Macedonia. The group was formed on the iniciative of musician Ljuben Dimkaroski in spring 2004. Singers quartet are: Vesna Mladenova, Majda Kušar Pezdirec, Metoda Postolski Košir and Ljuben Dimkaroski who lied’s group. The songs are bound in faith, hope and love. Their dynamics are markedly contrasting, as are the rhythmic changes. Irregular, compound and free rhythms prevail and enable the group to express itself in an original way. In four year’s quartet “Pella” had 247 appearances in Slovenija, Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Italia, Croatia, Serbia and England. They had over 20 presentations in radio and TV houses. They publish CD “Pella sings” and book “Pella in Macedonia”. On 331 pages women-writers Metoda Postolski Košir includes trips by Macedonia, history of Macedonian nation and habits. In book are 88 color pictures and 20 graphic arts of Macedonian national costume. Inside book are 2 CD, 75 minutes reading text and sonic picture quartet »Pella«. Sonic books are designed for blind and weak-eyed people. Traveler’s journal was present to Slovenian, Macedonian and English public. Art activity of »Pella« includes over 70 artistic exhibitions in Slovenia and Macedonia. Authors are Ljuben Dimkaroski, Majda Kušar Pezdirec and Metoda Postolski Košir. Dance activity: Ljuben Dimkaroski music societies are unwinding under leadership of Vesna Mladenova, Metoda and Majda. »Pella« in England-last 8 days long trip in December 2007. We had 2 evening recital in Slovenian and Macedonian language, 2 concerts, 4 musical-dance appearances and 7 appearances. In England Ethno Carol festivals we added Slovenian and Macedonian temperament and wish on repeated image in bigger cities. Appearances were in Cambridge, Dent, Svedberg, Lankester, Lakeland, Kendal.. In newspapers, on TV (broadcast on BBC) was news about us. One conductor says about us: IN OUR HARTS YOU BRING SUN AND WIDTH CEREALS FIELDS.

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